Marshall G. Thomas – Monarch: The New Phoenix Program (documentaire + boeken)

mk ultra phoenix program

WAARSCHUWING: Als u slachtoffer bent geweest van ritueel misbruik of trauma based mind control kan de inzage van het volgende materiaal negatieve lichamelijke en psychische gevolgen hebben.

Documentaire over psychotronische mind control technologie gebruikt door het Militaire Industriële Complex (MIC) binnen de zogenaamde ‘black projects’ om geselecteerde individuen te bestoken.

Bijbehorende literatuur als .pdf:

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  1. Anoniem schreef:

    It is as if some overzealous intelligence organization has gone mad.

    This ( happens in the Netherlands on a daily basis . Effectively we have what looks like an operational system of modern torture using high frequency weapons (1Ghz -60Ghz). Completely average non-criminal) people are being targeted by these systems. Police do not appear cooperative. It is as if some overzealous intelligence organization has gone mad, it has the stench of corruption. (Repercussions follow when one tells)

  2. Asherly Lev schreef:

    Introduction I was a programmer for many years. I studied Einstein and the next day I was surrounded by police. They did not arrest me. I recognized them as Arians, they called me a filthy Jew. I escaped to another country. I have known Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer personally so I suspect they are behind my suffering. Paul Allen said when he met Steve Ballmer that he was dealing with an evil KGB agent. When Paul Allen got cancer, Bill Gates (William III ) stole almost all Microsoft shares.Meanwhile Bill Gates pretended to be a Genius who invented MS Dos but it was all a lie. Nowadays I gave up programming and despite being tortured for talking about Einstein I come with a many explanations of how the universe works. I survived a gass attack, 3 car accidents literally in exploding cars, I survived the Burn down of my house, and I wonder why I am still alive. Still I have something they want, like they say, the Devil would take our lives much sooner if he couldn’t learn from us. I have seen Bill Gates very emotional saying he has to obey, I have seen him crying. But he is evil. The only thing keeping me alive is revealing information about the universe step by step.I ask you to google for The Einstein Files and download all Albert Einstein files from the FBI (declassified). In America especially Jews are treated as trash, including Einstein. Einstein had a son who was hold in captivity to give the USA obedience by his father. All the USA wants is a million times the power of Hiroshima. And from an excellent programmer I went to trash interrogated by the CIA for months. And I assure you do not use Microsoft products if you respect human life. I really wish the situation was different. Trust me no one on this planet should posess the power of a million Hiroshima’s. But after all I am just a programmer, or at least I was. I wish I never bought Einstein books from ebay. I did not know Einstein was a terrorist ( See the Einstein Files on google) During the development of Windows Vista a lot of the almost 10 thousand Microsoft programmers were forced to take adderall ( Amfetamine/speed) I consider this crimes against humanity. World wide I released files of the death of over 34 Microsoft programmers. And the only thing I can assure you is that billionaires like Steve Ballmer are allowed to kill by hiring death squats like Blackwater/Academi. This is called Corporatisme. I have spread all over the net for future generations. I am dead anyway, but I managed to save some lives. Also I am concerned about Linus Torvalds. LINUS is more and more talking people in committing suicide if you disagree with the development of Linux/Gnu kernel. My admiration therefore goes to Richard Stallman who never called for violence or suicide/murder. But you would only understand if you were me. I see dealt with over 50 murders, studying it, and always coming back to the same killer. Why do rich people not respect human life? I can prolong my life by giving technology, but that means surrending to evil. So I never speak in formulas again. My girlfriend was tortured by the CIA before my eyes. She ended up in coma, and the CIA wrote ‘Forget me not’ with a star, on her belly before my eyes. And I assure you study the escape of Nazi’s after world War 2. This message was how Heinrich Himmler with a star wrote letters to his woman. And I wonder how could the American CIA be so cruel, but all documents show the same. MK Odessa, Mk Ultra, Mk co intel pro, operation paperclip, the CIA is Nazisme. But you have to study before you believe. And they said you are either with us or with the terrorists, but I will never give in. I will die soon anyway. I am literally faced with Nazisme. Altough people are told the government is protecting us, i deeply regret the opposite is the truth. You know who educated Bin Laden, You know who delivered Saddam toxic gass to exterminate lots of his population. And I only regret for the day I met bill gates and steve ballmer, since I would never have know about the bad things. I had everything. And i am not talking about money. I was young that’s my fault and it’s not easy. I assure you Microsoft has no mercy. They even kill young kids who even finished high school. But as I said, this information is spread at least 20 thousand between a million times, so I find some peace. I could have given humanity so much more. YOU KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND MR GATES Questions for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. * Why do you torture girlfriends? *Why do you force programmers to take Adderall *How many people dit you assassinate? * Why do you kill people with gasses? * Why don’t you give people a quick and painless death? A Matter of Time We see the universe as it was, not as is. We observe over 13 billion years. But is it right to say the universe is this age? And I say no. What we see is the remnants of what was, the universe existed far more earlier. We are reasoning from our point of view without taking time dilation into account. For example in extreme gravity situations like on our own Sun time progresses much differently. Let me explain, take a spaceship and keep accelerating it with 1g, untill it approaches lightspeed it will generate gravity of 1g and for the observer time on the spaceship keeps slowing down as Lorentz contraction and Time contraction become more relevant the spaceship can exist way longer in time-space-contiuum compared to the observer. Again I ask you to calculate the real age of the Sun if you compare it with artificially gravity like the spaceship going faster and faster and this way creating artificial gravity. Your conclusion could be the Sun is much younger from the point of the Sun’s view. In reality but not for the observer, the Sun is burning out real fast until it fuses into an Iron star and it will die. For us humanity we see the Sun as an observer burning out slowly as a highspeed movie slowed down. This is a Paradox. I gave it lot of thought though and my conclusion is that eventually we can no longer in any possible way say how old the universe is. End of part1/142

  3. Asherly Lev schreef:

    MK ODESSA codename for Nazi Top Escaping with U boats to South America.

    Image of Hitler in South America:

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