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  1. jaap van hoek schreef:

    pfffff zo vaak al gedaan.

    Ik ben jaap van hoek een 35 jarige autist met dyslectisch. Ik mis een beeld van lezen en dus is een beeld opschrijven net zo moeilijk. Zo veel zaken die gelinked zijn pfffff, Kijk bv ik zie dat de definitie van veel woorden gebouwd zijn op emotie ipv woorden. En dat emotie gezien kunnen worden als je regels volgt. Kijk rechtvaardigheid is preventie, het voorkomen van onrechtvaardigheid. Onrechtvaardigheid is al het leed wat we hadden kunnen voorkomen. Bij stelen kiest iemand bewust om een ander leed aan te doen.
    Robin hood effect is dat leed veroorzaken om meer leed te voorkomen ook gezien kan worden als rechtvaardig. En daarmee als u mij snapt dat staat hier wat rechtvaardig was, is en zal zijn. Kind van 6 jaar kan je dit leren. Heel zijn leven zal het van toepassing zijn ongeacht de situaties.

    Dit is maar een heel klein stukje, Luister, ik snap gedrag, niet door te leren uit boeken maar omdat ik een autist ben met logica, en als je dat laat lijden zal er antwoorden gevonden worden. Wat het betekend om mens te zijn is mij bekend. Ik zal u graag er meer over willen vertellen.

    grts jaap

  2. Scott Walker schreef:

    Enclosed you will find some information about Nathalie, a Top fashion model from the 80´s. She was arrested two days after her book was released. Reason… “You should not have written this book.”

    Nathalie was locked up in a psychiatry under the guise of dangerous schizophrenia. She needs help.

    Confessions of a Fashion Model

    The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry
    Monarch Mind Control, Slavery and Sexual Abuse

    ISBN: 978-1985158351

    This book tells the mind-blowing story of Nathalie, a Top Fashion model who has been celebrated for her striking physical beauty.
    Nathalie was not just a fashion model. Special mind control programs play an important role in the world of fashion. Like many models, Nathalie has undergone “Monarch mind control” programming. This program is able to divide the human psyche into multiple personalities (MPD), all within the same individual. Each personality is able to take over one’s consciousness at any given moment.
    Nathalie has been programmed multifunctional and has unique features to her system of personalities (programmed alters). She not only has standard Monarch programming, one of the multiple personalities created within her was a programmed high class Beta sex slave, exclusively for the super rich.
    After Nathalie became the darling of high ranking politicians, moguls, powerful business executives, famous actors and singers, members of some of the richest families of this world and royalties, she was drugged for elite sex parties and raped by many of them.
    During her career as a fashion model, Nathalie not only has been used by the sex industry, but she has been used also by several organizations in fields such as the military and intelligence agencies.
    Her story shows that she has undergone the Delta military programming as well. She has a special knowledge about warfare, all sorts of military weapons, different guns and ammunition. At a Dutch military depotthat fell under the U.S. Army Combat Equipment Group Europe (CEGE), Nathalie, at the age of eight years, was programmed and traumatized to become a military subject.
    One of her other personalities knows “Secret Codes for Access” to “internal computers” of intelligence agencies. She knows exactly how to open classified files with certain codes programmed within her.
    Nathalie is physically tough and highly intelligent. She also understands the “Old Arabic” language that is used in the upper occult world. Nathalie´s story makes it obvious that occult satanic rituals and demonic entities were used to create alters within her mind and that she was conceived during a satanic ritual.
    Nathalie carries horrible memories of different kinds of torture. Nowadays she remembers that in several occasions she had her legs tied and was being dunked upside down into water. During other events she was brutally beaten so that her dorsal vertebrae suffered lasting damage.
    Nathalie woke up at the age of 36, after having hearing voices and flashbacks. Occurrences that she is aware of nowadays were unknown to her in the past. Through memory retrieval and flashbacks (spontaneous visions) she recalls how she also has been subjected to electroshock. This not only took place before she started hearing voices and having flashbacks. It also happened afterwards. She is not aware if this was done to block her memory or to obtain information, specific codes or possible hidden codes generated by her programmers.
    Nathalie also has been repeatedly hypnotized. She remembers that the Dutch counterintelligence hypnotized her several times to obtain certain information. The first time this happened, she found out that she was programmed to fake any questioning she was subjected to. She was able to stay wide awake all the time during the time she was under counterintelligence hypnotism.
    Nathalie has gone through a lot. She did not know that the source of many of the incomprehensible events that happened to her had to do with her programming. She had no idea that she was a programmed Monarch slave.
    Nathalie has her bloodline hidden. Hypnotic walls within her mind protect her from knowing where she comes from. But her story shows that she descends from an exceptional bloodline within our ruling elite.
    Nathalie has no recall of her real parents or her childhood. At the age of seven, there is suddenly a foster family and a stepfather who brutally raped and tortured her; preparing her for the Beta programming.
    Nathalie was being trained by her step father to entertain high politicians. As a small child she was groomed to sexually service the so-called elite within the Dutch political structure.
    In this book you will learn that mind control is a very real science. It is more pervasive in our daily lives than most people realize. Millions have gone through the horrors of this program.

    Nathalie´s story reveals to us the ambiguity, not to simply think about the things that happened to Nathalie, but also to find out more about mind control programming ourselves.
    Nathalie´s book is a story without an end and it does not cover the whole story either. It will raise questions. It will stay with you and disrupt your sleep for some time.
    This book is not only an outstanding piece of information about Monarch Mind Control, you will also gain important insights into the world of the Fashion industry.
    Most modeling agencies are nothing less than whorehouses, and bookers are their pimps. Models are beaten, get their faces cut up or will be killed if they dare to tell the truth. Many of them died falling from a balcony or in other mysterious ways. Other models did disappear before they got the chance to reveal what is going on behind the scenes. They have never been found.
    It is very dangerous for young girls and boys to become part of the fashion world. There is no one who protects them. After reading this book, you will understand that the models agencies cannot be trusted. They are the last to protect the young models.
    Nathalie still suffers with the trauma based mind control in every aspect of her life.

    Written by Nathalie Augustina with the collaboration of Robin de Ruiter, author of the bestselling book The 13 Satanic Bloodlines – Paving the Road to Hell

    Available in your bookstore and at Amazon

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