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International readers

Although this is a site mainly geared towards a Dutch speaking audience, we would like to welcome our many international readers to Vrije Wereld (translation: Free World). We are a civilian non profit intelligence and education service. World liberation through education is our objective.

You can use services like google translate to translate articles from Dutch to your language of choice (is not perfect in its translation).

Most video’s on this website are in English.

Our library contains loads of free downloadable English books in .pdf format.

Also see our list of selected documentaries.

We hope that you enjoy and share this website!

Contact e-mail adress:

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You can support our efforts by donating Bitcoin to: 1DqrpbNX8kKA6YuAR1Qofg9iCbKHQ9ywze or Burstcoin to BURST-H8WA-32A2-GP6M-FWJFX
(We do not accept any fiat currency.)

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9 reacties

  1. Anoniem schreef:

    het is net mogelijk een df bestand te converteren naar een word bestand
    het betert deel 1 opkomst Bataafse republiek zeer waarschijnlijk elft diteveneens voor de overige delen

    John lotrop motley is de schrijver

  2. Bryan Blackburn schreef:

    English is my preferred language to receive email in

  3. Aurora schreef:

    Hello I love this site, ek ondersteun julle, baie bly

  4. KC schreef:


  5. Anoniem schreef:

    Wordt deze site nog onderhouden?

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