Nog meer ‘UFO disclosure’… (video’s)


Hieronder verschillende meer en minder bekende verklaringen van militaire UFO getuigen.

Verklaringen van majoor George A. Filer III Air Force Intelligence Officier:

Verklaringen van Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt:

Verklaringen van Merle Shane McDow:

Verklaringen van brigadier General Stephen Lovekin:

Verklaringen van Don Phillips, aannemer, USAF, CIA, Lockheed Skunkworks:

Verklaringen van Lieutenant Colonel John Williams, USAF:

Verklaringen van Captain Bill Uhouse, USMC:

Verklaringen van sergeant Clifford Stone, US Army:

Bijbehorende boeken als .pdf:


Verklaringen van Sgt. Stoney Campbell, USAF:

Verklaringen van James Kopf, US Navy:

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  1. JD schreef:

    Great Web Site!!
    It is sad that the ET’s (if you do not mind the use of this term), have also
    FAILED in their attempts to inform the peoples of the Earth.
    With their unbelievable advanced technology, they were unable to,
    for example, take over all the airwaves of radio and TV, and announce
    to the world their presence and their mission.
    It goes without saying, that not all ET’s have been kind and friendly
    to humans. Some have been deadly and murderous. I know of cases
    in California that the Doctors were totally baffled by, and a case where
    one woman who was taken by UFO’s soon died of a horrible dissease;
    so horrible that her body emitted noxious gases that killed a few attending doctors.

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