De misdaden van Peter Hans Kolvenbach

peter hans kolven bach satan jesuits
Voormalige zwarte paus en volksvijand. Geboren in Druten, Nederland.

peter hans kolvenback black pope

Passage uit een interview met Peter-Hans Kolvenbach gepubliceerd in Alfa y Omega (Spaans Vaticaan propaganda tijdschrift) no. 369, September 25, 2003:

Vraag: “Is there a political, social, and cultural alternative to the new international world order which emerged after September 11, 2001, and is being established in the new political realignment of the powerful nations – the United States, the European Union, Russia, Japan – and the great and not so obvious powers?”


Antwoord: “As result of the attack carried out on September 11th, large-scale violence has become more painful, inhumane and unjust. This has triggered a distressing spiral of attacks and counterattacks, which are bringing about considerable material losses, the weakening of human rights, and above all, indiscriminate deaths. Out of these physical and moral ruins, a new world order should emerge. That is what we thought after experiencing the last World War, but the facts have belied the hopes we then had. That makes it difficult to dream of a new international order this time. However, we must all strive to define it and make it come true. For us Christians, the message of fraternity and solidarity to which the Lord summons us in the Gospel is the primary incentive driving us to work for a more humane world -and hence, for a world that is more divine- one which goes beyond merely political structures. It is comforting that despite the reserve shown by certain important nations, the United Nations is recognized as an important political alternative.”

Peter Hans Kolvenbach is mede verantwoordelijk voor de tsunami aanval op Japan van 11-03-2011 en de false flag aanslagen in New York en elders op 11-09-2001.

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  1. Michael schreef:

    Peter-Hans Kolvenbach is een acteur… hij speelt ook de rol van Charles Clarke…

  2. m schreef:

    Jullie zijn knettergek..

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