Bankier Ronald Bernard over de Illuminati (interview)

Ronald Bernard

Ronald Bernard

Interview door Irma Schiffers met Nederlandse bankier Ronald Bernard over zijn werk binnen de valuta handel van het hogere bankwezen. Hij vertelt over zijn traumatische ervaringen met zijn voormalige klanten; de Luciferaanse Illuminati kringen.

(video: Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations (Dutch with English Subtitles))

Interview deel 2:

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  1. Gertrude zegt:

    Still using Illuminati handsignals and left alive, whereas those who were in the Illuminati circles testify that that especially for men is impossible and all get assassinated. Knowing that there are disinformationagents everywhere i cannot but help to wonder if the 0,1 % want us to believe all of this and whether this is just another way of mindprogramming the masses. For a very long time my feeling is that violent armed uprisings are just what those in power intend. Just like they created the French Revolution based on lies and stormed the Bastille. Not only perpetual wars but also civic unrest, wars amongst different groups within societies is how they increased their power and wealth and at the same time managed their Eugenics programms.

    • IT-- zegt:

      That’s the trick, isn’t it? It’s impossible to know “the objective truth” for certain; much more so if so much of what we perceive is propagandized, skewed and riddled with disinformation. I do personally more than not believe him and his testimony because what he is testifying to is nothing new to me (I’ve searched). Read up on Theodore L. Gunderson (FBI Director: LA office) and his revelation on Luciferianism (example:

  2. The testimony of one individual without hard evidence, names, dates places, does not constitute a good new story. By comparison, those who were put in concentration camps provided reliable witness testimony of events, places, times etc. These were later corroborated by meticulous records kept by the camp administrations. This is a bullshit story and the interviewer is off her rocker because she is taking everything this guy says at face value, and has not done any research whatsoever to check his ‘facts’ (there are none). Also, if I came out with a story like this, the police could force me to give written testimony and likely they would arrest me and not release me until I had given names, dates and places. Of course, if you believe in the illuminati and flying saucers you could just as easily explain this as the police following orders from on high, but this is not how the real world works. This story is completely made up.

  3. Waarom deze slechte kopie gebruiken als er gewoon een goede kwaliteit in omloop is?
    Kijkt wel zo prettig en doet meer eer aan de makers van DVM-tv.

  4. margriet zegt:

    hebben jullie ook een nieuwsbrief?

  5. Ernesto zegt:

    Hoe heeft u deze man leren kennen?

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