Docu v/d week #141 – Grasp The Nettle

documentaire van de week

Documentaire van Dean Puckett over een klein eco-dorp in Londen en de strijd van haar inwoners tegen de gevestigde criminele orde. Puckett trekt zelf bij de gemeenschap in en stelt vragen over vrijheid en activisme.

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  1. Mon, 07 Jul 2014 21:02:45 +0200, Mr Blue wrote:


    > *Change log: Revision 002  July 4th 2014.
    > Added dimension chapter, using a computer for grammar now.

    > *Introduction: This book is called The Universe For Dummies and
    > Retards, I write a chapter whenever I like. It is not finished. But
    > it is free as long as you comply with GNU PUBLIC LICENSE you are free
    > to use, modify or fork it, but remember, your obligations are to
    > include this unmodified text/book with it. English is not my native
    > language so it will contain grammar mistakes.

    > Chapters:
    > *A Matter of Time
    > *Cosmic After Glow, A Look Over The Horizon
    > *Terminal Gravity
    > *Dimensions and The Matrix

    > *A Matter of Time

    > We see the universe as it was, not as is. We observe over 13 billion
    > years. But is it right to say the universe is this age? And I say
    > no. What we see is the remnants of what was, the universe existed far
    > more earlier. We are reasoning from our point of view without taking
    > time dilation into account. For example in extreme gravity situations
    > like on our own Sun time progresses much differently. Let me explain,
    > take a spaceship and keep accelerating it with 1g, until it
    > approaches light speed it will generate gravity of 1g and for the
    > observer time on the spaceship keeps slowing down as Lorentz
    > contraction and Time contraction become more relevant the spaceship
    > can exist way longer in time-space-continuum compared to the
    > observer. Again I ask you to calculate the real age of the Sun if you
    > compare it with artificially gravity like the spaceship going faster
    > and faster and this way creating artificial gravity. Your conclusion
    > could be the Sun is much younger from the point of the Sun’s view. In
    > reality but not for the observer, the Sun is burning out real fast
    > until it fuses into an Iron star and it will die. For us humanity we
    > see the Sun as an observer burning out slowly as a high speed movie
    > slowed down. This is a Paradox. I gave it lot of thought though and
    > my conclusion is that eventually we can no longer in any possible way
    > say how old the universe is. End of part1/142

    > *Cosmic After Glow, A Look Over The Horizon

    > Imagine you were at sea and were looking for other ships. You would
    > soon realize that you see over the horizon since the top of other
    > ships are seen before the whole ship shows up. Early ships had a nest
    > to look as far over the horizon as possible. It were men at sea to be
    > the first to see and conclude that Earth is curved. Now imagine a
    > beautiful day. No matter where you look, the sky looks homogeneous.
    > Many scientist believe we live in a curved Universe, and I agree.
    > Just as in the example of ships at sea, if you just look far enough,
    > you will look over the Universe it’s horizon. Scientist call it the
    > Cosmic Afterglow. Does it belong to our Universe since our Universe
    > its inception? And I do not concur. I assume the cosmic afterglow is
    > similar to Earth its horizon. It is bound to our Universe yes, but it
    > manifests its self because of external reasons. There would not be a
    > sky without the Sun. There would not be a Universe without something
    > unknown. The only prove is that we live in a curved space. And we are
    > looking over our Universe its Horizon. End of part2/142

    > *Terminal Gravity
    > It is important you know how artificial gravity is created. I t is
    > described in the chapter A Matter of Time. From Einstein you derive
    > that you can only create gravity artificially until light speed is
    > approached. With energy you thus so create gravity. However the
    > opposite is true too. With matter clustering you create gravity
    > although now in natural form. Suppose your car broke down. You ask
    > people to push your car then you set your car in its first
    > transmission gear, give some gas. The people who pushed your car
    > created a very small force, yes indeed gravity in your back, for this
    > it took these people energy, the people pushing your car needed food
    > which is matter that contains energy also. Matter needs energy to
    > manifest itself. But energy needs matter to manifest itself too.
    > They are needing each other. Now imagine a very unimaginable big star
    > that collapses because there is no more energy for fusion to protect
    > itself against the clustering of matter. Scientists call it black
    > holes. Why do they suck matter? Because for gravity to exist either
    > energy or matter needs to be obtained. The only way for a black hole
    > to continue existence is draining energy to maintain a natural
    > terminal gravitational field, which is obtained from external
    > obtained matter. This GRAVITUS IN TERMINUS cannot exceed some
    > limitations like light speed is proven to be finite too. Inside black
    > holes there simply is maximum gravity. Now ask yourself, does Anti
    > Gravity exists? We observe an expanding universe, how can something
    > so powerful like a black hole be over won by something as simple as
    > an unknown force? I assume we observe hereby that Anti Gravity
    > manifests itself on a UNIVERSE WIDE scale. I assume that Anti Gravity
    > is the most powerful force in the Universe. Assume Earth its gravity
    > suddenly would turn into anti gravity. The whole planet would go Big
    > Bang until ANTIGRAVITUS IN TERMINUS is reached and matter of which
    > earth consisted could cluster again. Fortunately we are unable to
    > create this most powerful force I could ever possibly think of. But
    > there is observable evidence in our ever expanding universe its
    > assumed momentum, where its accelerating expansion proves its not
    > momentum or inertia/ertia. Have we discovered Anti Gravity? As
    > Stephen Hawking predicts this theory describes that eventually black
    > holes dissipate and simply cease to exist too. Just because light
    > speed is finite, THERE IS A MAXIMUM TERMINAL GRAVITY. I do not break
    > any rule of science. Einstein explained it all and so did Stephen
    > Hawking. For example scientists world wide say DARK ENERGY is
    > responsible for the universe its expansion, but as I explained,
    > energy needs matter and matter needs energy to manifest themselves.
    > It is thus for me reasonable to assume the same is true for DARK
    > ENERGY and DARK MATTER needing each other to create the force that
    > expands our universe. ANTI GRAVITY is not simply a force in the
    > opposite direction of gravity like the gravity field of earth. Why
    > bother with formulas. End of part3/142

    > *Dimensions and The Matrix
    > We all experience multiple dimensions. We can move along X, Y and Z.
    > However for this we need time, T. This gives us D(X,Y,Z,T) where D
    > simply stands for Dimensions. However for those who know about linear
    > algebra and Matrix Transformations know that to make it all work you
    > need one dimension higher to multiply one Matrix with another. I
    > assume you understand linear algebra. Assume you are sitting in your
    > chair in front of your television. Now walk inside your room, you are
    > now transforming in D(X,Y,Z,T), when you spin yourself or look around
    > you even do rotation in D(X,Y,Z,T). Now go back to your television.
    > You are at the same origin aren’t you? NO you ARE NOT!!!, look at
    > your television, for example it had turned on Dr. Phil he is now
    > talking to another guy, meanwhile the Earth rotated, our Solar System
    > is following its momentum, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED IN D(X,Y,Z,T). The
    > other words, our Universe. And it all started easy you always thought
    > you came back at the same place, however this is impossible. For
    > being able to transform and rotate in D(X,Y,Z,T) according to the
    > linear algebra Matrices we multiply with each other another Dimension
    > needs to be introduced, I simply call it U. So we experience and live
    > in D(X,Y,Z,T) where T simply is Time, we now introduce D(X,Y,Z,T,U).
    > For humans this is difficult to understand, however simply feed this
    > into the Unity Matrix with a diagonal of yes indeed X,Y,Z,T,U simply
    > being 1. This is called setting Unity for the World Matrix, where the
    > World Matrix simply is the origin of our Universe. Now feed in the
    > data of our Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and so on,
    > simply only their D(X,Y,Z,T). And now you can simulate our Solar
    > System inside a computer simply by the introduction of Dimension U.
    > But remember in reality we have no control over all these Dimensions,
    > THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!! D(X,Y,Z,T) simply exist for a Planck
    > interrupt, the shortest moment of existence. I do however only know
    > we need Dimension(U) to simply exist and live, rotate, transform,
    > without Dimension(U) there would only be D(X,Y,Z) and for being able
    > to live in these Dimensions you would still need D(T). Under to live
    > I mean to transform, to rotate, to exist. Forget all those boring
    > linear algebra calculations, simply make the computer do the dirty
    > work, there is no need to understand Dimension D(U), we simply need
    > it, without it… no Universe. However this makes you wonder will we
    > one day understand Dimension D(U)? I really recommend you to install
    > Celestia, it uses all this technology. It does not look beautiful, as
    > those pretty science fiction renders, but at least it is as real as
    > it gets. Simply start by looking for the moon, with your mouse and
    > arrows, right click the Moon, and in the pop up menu choose what ever
    > you want.

    > *The great nothing, The Void.
    > It will take the me a moment to complete the information. Matter that
    > comes from the void only exists for a short moment, together with
    > their antiparticle they appear from the great nothingness, the
    > greater its speed the longer it survives, but they are tangled and
    > destroy each-other. Date of observation 1996 doing physics. I will
    > study it. This chapter is severely delayed.

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